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       Horng Tair IndustrialCo.,Ltd, has been in blownfilm machinery industry for 20 years since 1992, and so we’re now a ..

      The 2014 Taipe2014-9-12
      Xiong county i2014-8-27
      Germany PLAST-2014-7-31
      Hongtai indust2014-7-8
      【show】 TAIPEIP2014-7-8
      The small size PA wind ring
      PLAST - automatic CONTROL Air ring
      Extruder Parts
      Durable Filter
      Pneumatic Screen Changer
      Manual Screen Changer
      Single Layer or Two Layer
      HDPE Two Layer Rotating
      LD/LLDPE Two Layer Air Ring
      LD/LLDPE Two Layer
      Mainland HEAD OFFICE:
      Kunshan , jiangsu province international mold city perhaps - 9
      TEL : 0512-50122294
      FAX : 0512-55199929
      Guangdong Branch:
      Changan town, dongguan city, guangdong province clouds edge community xinhe road no. 55.
      TEL : 0769-82756449
      FAX : 0769-82750890
      NO.79,HEPing East Road,Yong Kang District,Tainan
      FAX : 886-6-2535432
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